BetU Verse casino & resort. Enabling the best GambleFi & GameFi experience in the Metaverse.

A decentralized ecosystem of game that uses revenues to buy back its token and payout staking and GameFi rewards.

Our Roadmap

Join the BetU Verse journey

Casino floor - Level 1
NFT Museum - Level 2
BetU - Sports betting & casino - Gambling
EarnU - Predict & Earn - GameFi
GambleFi - Staking & gambling rewards
In Process
Wallet connect integration
Modelling, rigging & rendering of player characters
Decentralized Game Development
Coinflip & Dice
Table Games - Blackjack, roulette & baccarat.
Slot Machines
Sports, esports & virtual

Meet our team

Our team has the experience to deliver a world class metaverse.

Paul Rogash
Experienced entrepreneur, founded and sold,  Lawyers SEO & Escalated Advertising. Contract marketing roles in crypto saw projects increase 30x & 20x in 3 months. BBA in Entrepreneurship at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology.

Paul Rogash


Scott Parry
19 years as CEO of Crown Money Management, Australia’s leading money management company. Scott is regularly featured in Australian media providing debt reduction advice and money coaching to consumers and businesses.

Scott Parry


Professional animator and video game developer, 5 years experienced as a unity developer. B.A in animation.


Lead Animator

Leo Lassance
Frontend developer working with Node, React, Redux and full stack javascript. Experienced researcher in technology advancement in blockchain & crypto. Diploma in Web design, front and backend development at EEMI & European Business School Paris.

Leo Lassance

Partnerships & Community Manager

Lisa Cameron
Celebrity fashion stylist. Founder of Styled by LMC - Clients include: The Bachelor, Brooks Nader & Colton Underwood.

Lisa Cameron